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Hear what I~Dared Travelers have to say about their journey. Then join us for our next excursion.  We’ll make sure your Cuba Curiosity is satisfied, too!

“This tour was one of my best ever because of the diversity of places we saw
and people we met.  The planning and organization were perfect. It really was
like walking through a postcard!”

— Shar Hellie 

“The opportunity to travel in a poor country, but a country where folks are not homeless or hungry, a country with such a different political system than  ours, was eye-opening. Reading about this world is one thing.  Being a part of it, even for a few days is another.  My heart was touched.”

–Annie Stunden

“We had a great time and felt we really had an opportunity to see what life is like in Cuba; not just visit buildings and see old cars.  Staying in Casa Particulares and having dinner with Cubans was especially enlightening because of the opportunity to interact and ask them questions.  It was all very enjoyable! 

–Joan and Jerry Goldstein