I-Dared Travels, Inc. assures clients that travel to Cuba IS STILL PERMITED.  We are closely monitoring potential changes to the US policy toward travel to Cuba following the April 17, 2019 announcement.  Our clients safety and satisfaction is our top priority.  We will always comply with OFAC regulations. 

Cuba Curious? Our Caribbean neighbor is so much more than “an island frozen in time.” Discover the rich history and heritage of this nation; connect with its warm, diverse, and energetic people; and create a lifetime of memories in uniquely crafted unforgettable excursions. There’s so much to learn, see, and do in Cuba. Without a doubt you will return home with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Cuba and its people.  Along the way you are sure to find that perfect piece of Cuban art, get lost in the infectious beat of Cuban music, and expand your historical horizons.  Satisfy your Cuba curiosity.  Contact I~Dared Travels, Inc. to create your Cuba journey.


Note:  Each traveler must meet one of the twelve legal categories approved by OFAC for travel to Cuba.  A full itinerary, required travel documents, and additional information are available by contacting us at idaredtravels@gmail.com.  

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