School’s Out!!  Summer in Cuba * June 23-August 24, 2017 

Throughout the summer I-Dared Travels, Inc will provide uniquely planned travel programs for families and small-scale groups interested in exploring Cuba in up-close-and-personal way. Genuine ‘people-to-people’ travel created around your unique interests. In Havana, connect with Cuban familes, artists, muscians, personalities.  Experience history from a Cuban perspective in Trinidad de Cuba, Playa Giron or Santa Clara. Escape reality along the coast–Choose your beach destination.  Two of our favorites include: Veradero, Cayo Coco.

Contact Michelle Cohen for customized travel planning support.  Private programs require advanced planning.  Call NOW!



Educators Spring Break Travel Mission * April 8-15, 2017  

Teachers’ Special!!  Our eight-day journey starts in Havana–the nation’s capital–a vibrant and compelling city.  We’ll meet up-and-coming artists and community leaders. Next we explore the Cuban countryside stopping off in the picturesque cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad de Cuba where we’ll interact with students, teachers, and musicians. Play hooky at the beach in Playa Ancon.  Understand the Bay of Pigs & Che Guevara from a Cuban perspective.  Experience a real-life history lesson as we meet local experts in Playa Giron and Santa Clara.  Live, love, and learn. What more can you ask for?  Cost per person $2995* Registration closed.  Contact us for private Spring Break arrangements. 

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Discovering Spirituality in Cuba * February 2 -10, 2017

Take part in a truly unique journey in Cuba.  This nine day excursion invites you to uncover the fabric of the various religious communities long quiet but not silenced in this island nation.  Interact with leaders from the tightly-knit Jewish community; Converse with spiritual leaders of the Afro-Cuban religion Santaria known as “Babalaos,” and engage with members of the Wushu Society. Take part in a “Church Challenge.” Feed your spiritual curiosity.  Tune in and Tune out as we explore the Cuban Countryside of Viñales and Pinar del Rio. Rejuvenate during our inspirational “retreat” in the beach resort of Cayo Levisa.  Discover Cuba and YOURSELF.  Cost per person $3295* Registration closed.

Western Cuba Unlimited * March 19-26, 2017

Explore Cuba’s Western frontier in style and uncover its ‘new economic frontier.’  This eight day adventure starts in the vibrant capital of Havana.  Engage with up-and-coming artists and community leaders. We’ll venture off into “Cowboy Country.”  Horseback riding, tobacco fields.  Explore the picturesque cities of Viñales and Pinar del Rio.  We’ll interact with entrepreneurs opening up Cuba’s development zone in the Port of Muriel. Discover Cuba’s coastal treasure on the Western edge of Cuba in Villa Maria la Gorda. Immerse yourself in Cuba’s countryside. Cost per person $3295*   Registration closed



Hot Days & Hotter Nights: 2016 Havana Jazz Festival * December 11-17, 2016 

Experience Havana’s heartbeat “sin limitas!”  MUSIC, MUSIC, and MORE MUSIC.  This eight day journey will turn you into a Cuban-at-heart with day-time adventures in and around Havana and nightly concerts and performances. Visits to the Museo de Ron, Partagas Cigar Factory, Museo de Bellas Artes, Ernest Hemingway’s Finca Vigia will give you a glimpse of the vibrant Cuban culture and art scene. Then immerse yourself in the hottest jazz festival in the Caribbean.   And of course, what’s a visit to the Caribbean without a little sunshine?!  Relax alongside Cuban honeymooners at the beach in Veradero.  What more can you ask for?   Cost per person: 4395*  Registration closed.


All Travel packages include: Round trip airfare from Miami to Havana, visa, Cuban Exit tax, baggage fees, hotel accommodations, most meals. Request a full itinerary, required travel documents, and additional information by contacting us at idaredtravels@gmail.com.  Private travel excursions can include airfare arrangements upon request.

* Tipping and incidental expenses vary per individual.

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